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This website has only one purpose, to introduce myself and my abilities to you. With over 35 years of programming experience, I am dedicated to Creating, Designing, and Writting Programs for the Internet. I have joined with Alpha Designs Group. Please visit my New Home at www.AlphaDesignsGroup.com.

People... PEOPLE!!! - Find me a project that is at least a small 'Challenge' !!!! Everyone wants these generic, boring, pieces of **** that any automated website creation site can produce!! I don't want something that can be done by a kindergardner, OR an automated site! I am looking for something DIFFERENT in what it does, and how it operates. I want someone to come up with ideas that are NEW. Something that every other site Does NOT Do. If you are looking for the Cheapest price you can find, and do not care what your site looks like, try one of the thousands of automated sites. If you want Quality... If you want a site that is 'interactive' with the visitors... If you have an idea that you have not seen before... If you want your site to do something you have not seen or heard of before... CONTACT ME.

Random Rant - I do NOT do wordpress sites. I know of SO many programmers who use WP as a base for business sites. WHY?? Maybe they are lazy?? WP is code that has already been written... all they have to do is format it, set up a few pages and they are done... and they Charge you for this?????? Using WP is not 'programming', and takes little or no programming experience to create a website using WP (personal opinion).

Possible Options I offer, depending on what you need :

♦ Write-Design Entire Websites ♦ Create Graphics or Sound Files in several formats
♦ Write-Design single or multiple page websites ♦ Simple or extensive changes to existing website
♦ Create & Install Custom Database programs ♦ Design & Install background programs
♦ Private, Dedicated Server, if you desire Hosting ♦ Style distinguishes Excellence from Accomplishment

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