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I really wanted to use the IPTABLES and FIREWALL on my DEDICATED SERVER I have at GODADDY, so after a lot of Google, hours in chat with server support, hours of experimenting on an old server, a talk with "Brian W." (one kick ass dude), and hours to put this very page up, here is the exact steps I used to activate my Firewall so I could use the Iptables on my Dedicated Server at Godaddy.

I will accept NO RESPONSIBILITY or LIABILITY for any use of this information. Please read and understand each step BEFORE you do anything, and be sure to follow the steps exactly or you will loose all access to your server, and any websites on that server will dissappear!! (until you call Godaddy support)

1. Log into your Simple Control Panel. ALSO, Log into SSH as ROOT. During this process you WILL loose access to your Simple Control Panel AND SSH at different times. Its normal.
2. Click on the 'Firewall' Button, you will see "Image 1". Click the "Enable Firewall" Box. In the dropdown box (Active Ruleset), select "Standard Services". Your screen should look like "Image 2". Click on the "Save" button. NOTE: Wait for the screen to refresh. You will have LOST access to your Simple Control Panel, so it will look like it has no styling. DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING. At this point, ALL Access to your server from the outside world is BLOCKED, and any websites on this server will not load until you complete Step 3.
3. In your SSH Window, from the root directory (/), type in "service iptables stop" (no quotes). You now have access to your Simple Control Panel again. Click on the "Firewall" button to refresh the page. Your screen should look like "Image 3". It will look normal again. You can log out of SSH if you want.
4. Click on the "Add New Ruleset" button. You have to create one to be able to edit it. The default rulesets can not be editted. Your screen should look like "Image 4". In the dropdown box (Template ruleset), select "Standard Services". Click on the "Next" button. Your screen should look like "Image 5". This is a blank form for a New Ruleset with all the "Standard Services" already filled in.
5. There are Three(3) things to do here. 5a. Ruleset Name: give it a name. No Spaces. 5b. The dropdown box (Input Policy), change to "Accept". 5c. Click on the "Save" button.
6. Wait. It may take a minute or two to set up. Once your screen refreshes, it will show your Brand New Firewall is active. It will show your New Ruleset (whatever you named it) in the bottom list. At this point, you have created a ruleset, but it is not being used.
7. Change "Active Ruleset" to the name of the ruleset you created. Click the "Save" button. When the screen refreshes, you will have "Image 6". It will have the "Update" button at the top. The "Update" button will display any time you make changes to any ruleset you are using.
8. Click on the "Update" button. Once it refreshes, your server is now using the ruleset you created, and every access going into and out of your server is being regulated by that ruleset. Note : If you still had SSH open and were logged in, your SSH login will have been terminated from clicking the "Update" button. If you need SSH, you can log back in.

Note : If you create any "Deny" rule that is for HTTP or SSH, when you click on the "Update" button, you will get a scary 'alert box' warning you that you have set something that WILL block access to these services. As long as you are sure who you are denying access to, and it is not YOU, click "OK". You can add or delete rulesets, BUT if you use the "Default" or "Standard services" ruleset, you WILL loose access to your Simple Control Panel, you WILL loose access to SSH, and all your websites will dissappear from the internet. DON'T Use These.
I have actually learned a LOT about Iptables since I got my Firewall running, but too much to go into detail here. If you have any questions, I am a programmer for hire. Just the way you would pay anyone else to help you set it up. You got the first big step FREE. Your Welcome.

Here are images of what each screen step will look like : (click on each to enlarge)

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